Warranty certificate for any massager or beauty product - is a necessary privilege of every client of Casada International GmbH company.

What can provide evidence of fake?

  • Absence of warranty certificate;
  • Absence of original packaging;
  • Undervalued (compared to the price on the official website).

Warranty does not apply to such product. Moreover, it can harm your health.

Casada company performs warranty liability only if such certificate is presented. All measures are taken in accordance with the laws on consumer protection. The original product is always protected, and the manufacturer meets clients needs.

We believe that worthy after-sales service is best customer care. That is why the whole section is devoted to the matter of authenticity of massager equipment and warranty.

Exclusive warranty from Casada manufacturer is possible only with us!

To get service for repair and maintenance of massage equipment, buy it from authorized representatives. Otherwise (if non-certified product), we can not help you.

In the article "Beware it’s fake" you can read information on how to recognize scams and avoid dangerous interactions. There is a list of online shops that have a negative reputation due to the sale of products, similar to Casada goods, at low prices.

In that case, if a warranty certificate is absent, the company complies with the conditions for repair. But all cases are considered individually. If the equipment is fabricated or can not be restored, you can get 50% discount on the same genuine product.

Highlights for compliance with warranty conditions

  1. Warranty service is carried out in availability of the warranty certificate or receipt of purchase.

Display vigilance. By purchasing the goods, check:

  • The correctness of the data filling (no corrections or illegible words);
  • The appliance and its packaging;
  • Functionality of devices and their package.
  • Guidance availability
  1. Warranty service  is not carried out in case of:
  • Careless operation and use of the goods for purposes other than that intended;
  • Mechanical damage during transportation;
  • Premeditated or negligent damage to the goods by owners or third parties;
  • Attempts of self- repair or opening;
  • Penetration of foreign matters or a substance (liquid, insects, etc.) in the product;
  • If the damage was not caused by the manufacturer (eg, voltage fluctuations);

Damaged tissue or leather (leather) coating can not be replaced. Normal wear and does not fall under the warranty conditions.

  1. The Company is not responsible for causing of possible damage to property, pets or to third parties by Casada goods, in the case of:
  • Violations of operational recommendations (intentionally or inadvertently);
  • Expiration of the warranty;
  • If the damage / breakage is not covered by warranty obligations.

If the repair can not be implemented, or it is characterized as a "long-term" the company provides free replacement of a product.

The cost of the examination is paid by the buyer, if the damage is not covered by the warranty conditions.

  1. The extended warranty is possible only from the form of Bonuses.

How to apply for the implementation of warranty service?

Purchase of goods, together with appropriate documentation (certificate and receipt) is sent to the service center. The sender specifies return address, and particularities of damage/defect. Within a few days you will be contacted by a company representative and agree on further actions. As a rule, repairs are FREE of charge!

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