About company

Casada International – a modern and successful business from Paderborn. As the premium manufacturer of massage chairs, massage equipment and fitness equipment our vision is to offer everyone at any time the possibility to find physical and spiritual well-being wherever they are. Founded in 2000, Casada has become one of the best-known premium manufacturers in the area of massage and fitness. In a global business such as Casada, one of the most important factors in its success is the cooperation of a strong team which consists of people from various cultural backgrounds and experience. This means that joint success and excellent achievement can be achieved. We use nearly all our energy for our Casada branded products. We regularly introduce new and innovative products for well-being to the market. Our work environment is our arena and there is daily training here. We pass and catch the ball with precision, our game is full of ideas, we take opportunities and celebrate success – worldwide! We understand each other as a team. The team therefore takes centre-stage. We only achieve our vision if we play fairly and at a high level together.

Our product concepts and design are marked by a level of attractive clarity. The consequent focus on quality in terms of comfort and durability factor in the overall result. Using a prototype, we test function, ergonomics and effectiveness. Together, we devise a test plan and also use simulation and testing processes, with real users, function tests, temperature tests, tests for durability and performance. Each test shows problems or possible improvements which lead to the best possible design. This all-important striving after perfection allows us, in collaboration with our design department, to continuously incorporate the development process into the entire product range.

Address of show room in Israel

Hashonit 2, Arena Mall, Herzliya Petuah