25000 ₪


AlphaSonic II is a unique massage chair in which the magnificent design and a wide choice of the massage modes are combined. All this gives improbable feeling of comfort and pleasure after each massage procedure.



The Hilton III carries on the tradition of elegance of the Casada massage chair family – a sophisticated classic. Hilton III invites you to experience your personal haven of rest. The new braintronics ® App makes holistic relaxation easier and more accessible than ever.


17500 ₪


Hilton 2 CASADA Massage chair - an innovative chair with an incredibly wide range of functions whereby massage is carried out gently, carefully and with maximum accuracy.

New massage chair Smart V perfectly formed design meets massage techniques par excellence.

Massage chairs

Indeed, sometimes you want to go on a massage table during the working day. It would be none the worse for the skilled hands. And busy schedule never does the aching back bidding. Probably massage chair can remedy the situation? Exactly!

Modern technologies allow making a seemingly ordinary chair of office man into a massage art miracle. Nobody will notice that you get out of life, settling at the work place.

Well, if nevertheless you cannot do it at work, let it be at home. There certainly you will score a full ride and will not have to hide it.

Casada company Massage chairs will perform for you any type of massage. Build-in software and certain technology helps to get a real massage. If you close your eyes, it may seem as if the therapist works with you. All the more so as the chair may select the program, taking into account your weight, height and other features. Some of the models are aimed at posture correcting, spine stretching, which is often needed in a young age. Massage chairs perfectly cope with the problems of the joints. Others - operate in parallel with the musical accompaniment of the process. And it is not the limit; there are models with built-in screen for watching your favorite movies. So you will have double satisfactions or even more.

In addition to impeccable technical characteristics, massage chairs are made in excellent design. You can select a chair even for the most daring interior. It does not change the concept, will not interfere with it, but rather miraculously emphasize all the comfort of home and the perfection of your taste.

As you can see Casada company take its obligations seriously. Today it is a leader in massage equipment industry. You have somebody to entrust your health!

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