Shiatsu Heating Foot Massager GERMAINE  

  • Shiatsu massage relaxes and relieves sore feet.
  • Infrared heating function. 2 selectable massage programs.
  • Velvet cloth cover easily removable - can be washed. Includes smart remote control.
  • A device that can be inserted into the feet while sitting on any chair in the office.


899 ₪


Beurer FM 60 Shiatsu foot massager

  • Soothing Shiatsu foot massage
  • Heat function can be selected separately
  • Circulation-boosting foot reflex zone massage
  • 18 Shiatsu massage heads
  • 2 massage speeds





  • Massaging foot spa
  • massage&keep warm function
  • vibration to create invigorating
  • Infrared. function provides calm relaxtion
  • Massage soothes tried and aching feet


1380 ₪

Not available


Careful massages of the foot reflex zones can stimulate metabolism and blood circulation among other things, stimulate digestion and support the self-healing process of the body.


2400 ₪

Not available


OTO Adore Foot AF-80 foot massager

• Provides intense and effective stimulation of the foot’s reflexology regions 
• Improves blood circulation in the feet and legs 
• Relaxes tense and aching muscles 
• Improves flexibility and mobility of feet 
• The heat therapy helps with cold feet 
• Special heel massage 


Not available


Relaxing and rejuvenating foot massage – that’s what everybodydreams about at the end of the day.

Foot massagers Casada

Feet are a very important element of our well-being. There is a huge amount of biologically active points. If organize the work with them properly, it is possible to avoid a number of diseases. That is why foot massage is so important. Fortunately, we don’t need a good massage therapist in these delicate matters. It is enough to buy Casada foot massager.

They could be made in the form of a mat, a massage platform or a universal massager. The later is good because you can also feel all the charm of calf muscles massage by means of point or any other type of massage, as well as get warm feet. Massagers have adjustable modes of speed and intensity of the massage. Mats are often associated with walking on the beach with fine pebble. The feeling itself relaxes not only your feet, but yourself. The point is in associative thinking. Your mind knows what to do at the sea. Or let it be a remembrance of childhood, when you were running barefoot on grass, rocks and had natural massage.

Spending some time with the massager can not only to remove leg fatigue skillfully, but also make sure that the headache is gone, painful menstruation do not distract,  prevent problems with blood circulation, digestion and other unpleasant moments.

You will fall asleep faster and, therefore, your body will have time to recover for the night. The feet will no longer be cold, the heels will be rosy and fingers always well groomed.

This message is for women. To walk all days long is difficult, but imagine how difficult it is to do it in heels?! All women want to throw the shoes away and have a massage in the end of the day. And since not every man can do it, it is better to entrust it to a professional Casada company. But then not to fight for the “first place” for relaxing treatments

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