Beurer MG 254 Shiatsu massage seat cover

  • Relaxing back and neck massage
  • 4 shiatsu massage heads
  • 2 shiatsu massage fingers
  • Switchable heat function



1190 ₪


Beurer MG206 Shiatsu Massage Seat 

  • Relaxing shiatsu massage via four rotating heads
  • Three individually selectable regions
  • With light and heat function
  • Removable, washable velour cover, suitable for most seats

  • Circulation, cures fatigue and improves the matebolism
  • Independently Controlled Infrared heating function
  • Simulates hands of a masseur soothing heat comforts
  • Further massages fatigued muscles, improves blood circulation
  • Full back massager relexing your tense muscles
  • Neck and Shoulder massage Melts away tension
  • Vbrating function in seat part to enjoy extra massage




Seat Massager with Heating Germaine

  • Comfortable vibration massage with two selectable massage intensities 
  • Additional heat function
  • 3 massage motors in the back and seat areas
  • 12v car adapter plug in
  • Ideal for office use or in car



Massage mat Fullbody Massage with Heating Germaine

  • Built in 10 motors , whole body massage
  • High Quality Velvety Coating
  • Four massage zones: Neck, Back, Lumber, Legs
  • Soothing Heat therapy
  • Massage modes for ultimate comfort
  • Shiatsu massage & infared heating therapy
  • Hand remote contoller with pouch
  • 10 powerful motors massage relife stress on neck, back, lumbar, and legs.
  • Stimulate body circulation and speed up muscle tension relife.
  • Full body back moving shiatsu massage mechanism
  • Jade stone heating pad pain relife
  • 6 massage modes for ultimate comfort
  • 4 vibration intensities


3500 ₪

Not available


Massage wraps

Excellent property of massage wraps - their compactness and the possibility of transportation. It can be used in a car, and then at home, at your favorite couch or chair, and doubtless - in the office. They are easy to fold, so their carrying transportation are easy enough. You can have a massage anywhere, wherever it is possible.

Features massage capes:

Among the properties of massage wraps - roller massage, shiatsu and vibrating. In addition you can define the intensity of massage or a combination thereof, and the area where the massage can be more intensive than in other ones.

And one of the pleasant properties. All massage wraps equipped with warm-up function. This increases the effect of massage. Among the models, there are not only the wraps, but the mats or mattresses. They differ only in the state in which you are having a massage - lying down or sitting. All other functions are retained. Although today wraps transformers can be found, which can serve you in any state and at the same time without a negative effect on the quality. However, meanwhile, there are not many of them on the market. This is a new product under test.

Nowadays choice is wide. You can find any desired product. The main thing is to have time to grab it. And considering today’s popularity of wrap and any other massager – hurry up.

After all, imagine quiet how you need this wrap- massager which wherever you are, will give crazy feelings. Your body will be more likely to relax, general state will become better. You will become a model for the burnt-out from work and-life friends. And only you will decide whether to open your secret or not. And they will ask.

Cross the line of fatigue to a healthy perception of life. The only thing you need is just to buy massage wraps or any other massager you liked. The effect will not take long. Care requires a minimum and your massager will perform its job with a bang.

We will be happy to realize your dreams!

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