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Mostthird-generation chairs and massagers Casada use head massage made of natural jade with healing properties.They include massage and Quattromed 3 massage wrap.

Quattromed 3 is equipped with a function of "soft heat". Natural jade powerisintensified with heating. Natural infrared radiation becomes more intense, so that it penetrates deep into the muscles. The stone is heated slowly, and only in a few minutes you can feel the warmth. In this phase, heating rotating massage heads motions relax the tissues and eliminate surface tension and seals.

Vibratory function is available, that provides an additional opportunity to stimulate the blood circulation and the lymphatic system. Improves blood circulation, improves the process of removing toxins from the body.


There are 3 types of massage:

  • vibromassage
  • roller
  • shiatsu

Control features of massage wrap: vibromassage can be carried out in conjunction with the roller massage or shiatsu and separately.

Areasof massage:

  • cervicobrachial
  • lumbar
  • buttocks
  • back (whole)

Manual selection of the massage point (available forshiatsu massage).

Rollerscoverage widthadjustment (available forroller massage).

Manual activation of heating function.

Terms of use:

Quattromed 3Massage wrap will help you to carry out a massage of the neck, shoulders, back and buttocksany time!

1.It is necessary to activate the massage roller. Jade massage rollers moving along the spine, muscles prepare for more intense action. The duration of the massage of one area for 3-4 minutes.

2. If desired, you can adjust the width of massage rollers coverage by pressing Widht.

3. If desired, it is possible to massage any chosen area using the buttons Upper, Full, Lower.

4. Activate shiatsu massage.This massage activates energetic processes in the body, increases reactivity.

5. Enableheating function for 3-4 minutes.

6. If desired, it is possible to massage a specific point using the buttons Spot.

7. Activate the vibration massage in the seat. You can use a combination of massage and each program separately.

Impact of massage on the body:

  • Relieves stress, fatigue, headaches, removes nervous exhaustion
  • Increases resistance to stress
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Help the excretion of salt formation of the body 
  • Corrects posture
  • Strengthens the muscles of the back
  • Prevention of cellulitis
  • Allows reflexology foot massage

The impact of massage by pressure of rollers (shiatsu):

  • Increases responsiveness and resilience
  • Relieves fatigue
  • Relieves muscle pain
  • Normalizes sleep and blood pressure

Impact of vibromassage:

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Accelerates lymph flow
  • Normalizes metabolic processes
  • Improves the functional state of the nervous system.

Spine osteochondrosis - a very common disease in the modern world.Massage wrap for chair will help in the prevention of this disease. Carrying a 15-minute ofcomplex massage will make you feel younger every day.

  • Roller massage
  • Vibromassage (in the seat)
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Warm-up function (2 rollerson the back are equipped with heating elements)
  • Remote control
  • Timer (automatic mode for 15 minutes)
  • Massage intensity adjusting (removable wrap on the back)
  • Rollersdirectionrotation control
  • Can be used in the car
  • Cover: pleather
  • Massage rollers material: jade
  • Wrap size: 75 x 46 x 8 cm
  • Weight: 7.8 kg
  • Main voltage: 100-240 V
  • Input voltage: 12 V
  • Current: 3.5 A
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Power: 42 W

General characteristics:

Manufacturer Casada / Germany

Massage programs:

  • 3 massage programs
  • 4 massage element
  • 4 vibration motor


Разминающий массаж

Разминающий массаж



Роликовый массаж

Роликовый массаж


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